Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trekin' through 2009: The Star Trek year in pictures...

2009 has been the biggest year for Star Trek since 1994 -- when TNG was coming to an end, DS9 was starting to hi its stride, Voyager was about to launch, and the world was impatiently waiting for the meetings of the two legendary Captains of the Enterprise on the big screen in Star Trek Generation. Star Trek was at its Zenith, with Shatner and Stewart on the cover of Time magazine amongst multiple other national and international publications. And now 15 years later Star Trek has found its mojo once again in the eyes of general audiences all over the world (we true Trek fans know it had never really lost it). The launch of the new major motion picture from Paramount and JJ Abrams brought with it a huge amount of promotion, tie-ins, merchandise, and events to help usher in a new era for our beloved franchise in the epic fashion it has always deserved. Here's a look at some of my favorite images from the many promotions taking place during Star Trek's comeback year.

Unused teaser poster for the film from Paramount Pictures.

Chris Pine meets Leonard Nimoy at an event for Shatner's charity horse show and the press is right there to capture the moment.

The first official promo shots from Paramount introducing us to the new Kirk and Spock.

Star Trek dance parties in L.A. and New York become the "it" event in the cities' nightlife with Orion slave girls, special Trek-themed photo booths and cool giveaways like this awesome poster.

As a longtime fan I got great joy in seeing ads for a Star Trek movie in the newspapers once again.

Ads from promo partners lined up the walls of movie theaters.

Popcorn bags, buckets, and coke cups featured Star Trek in theaters all over the U.S.

Burger King launches a multi-million dollar national ad campaign and in-store promotions to tie in with the film.

After more than a decade since the end of Playmates previous Trek toy line Toys 'R Us and stores all over the world begin to dedicate big chunks of aisle space to Star Trek again.

Star Trek gets a race car!

Supermarket aisles are chock full of products with multiple offers for Trek items to help promote the big film.

Billboards and wraps cover up buildings, buses, and more prime spots all over the world to help promote the film with an ad campaign budgeted at over 150 million dollars.

A Premiere of epic proportions for the Star Trek film takes over Hollywood Blvd.

The Burger King Klingons show up at the Star Trek Hollywood Premiere to cause some trouble at the Mann's Chinese Theater.


  1. Great post NG, I have to say that Teaser poster that wasn't used is one of the best Trek posters I have seen.

  2. I love that poster too. I really wish they had used it. They probably decided not to since the Enterprise was redesigned and the poster features the ship as seen on The Original series.

  3. It was one huge event the premier night of Star Trek... So many different brands wanted their cut in the cake. I wonder why Viagra was not in the line of sponsors...


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