Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek Lives!

The moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. After years in limbo Star Trek is back and better than ever. I had the opportunity to see the new film on Thursday evening at one of the first showings at the historic Hollywood Cinerama Dome with a group of 800 rabid fans and it was a mind-blowing experience. The movie delivers on its promise, and succeeds in giving the Star Trek franchise a new lease on life without ignoring everything that has come before. Never before has there been a Trek film depicting a story with such a sense of urgency and with so much at stake. I will have a full review of the film in the coming days but right now all I can say is you need to run to your nearest movie theater and check this movie out.

The film opens with what is probably one of the most exhilarating and emotional sequences of any film in recent history. Right off the bat we are thrust into a tale were we get all the thrills of recent big action adventure films without ever loosing sight of the characters and emotions that make it all worthwhile. There's a moment in these first minutes of the film were people had tears in their eyes. The crowd at the dome was going nuts throughout the entire film, especially every time we get to see one of our beloved characters for the first time on screen.

The theater has set up a great display with some of the props and costumes utilized in the film as well as some of the Enterprise models from the Enterprise art project which have been painted by local Los Angeles artists.

Paramount had a great treat for everyone at the Dome. We all got a bag with an awesome Star Trek T-shirt featuring the Enterprise art that has been used at the recent Star Trek dance parties in L.A. and New York, as well as an Iphone cover featuring the new Enterprise from the film, and Promo cards from the Rittenhouse Archives line of trading cards.

Star Trek Iphone cover.

Star Trek promo cards.

Funky Enterprise T-Shirt.

It was an amazing experience to see the film with such a great crowd, and as we all left the theater it was pretty clear the film had succeeded in satisfying every fan in the house. I must say the film does have some controversial moments, but it all comes out of the Star Trek we have grown to love. The cause for everything is something that happens in the 24th Century years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis. The filmmakers were able to bring back a sense of mystery and risk to Star Trek and they had the guts to stick to their convictions and not end the movie with a typical pressing of the reset button. The film perfectly sets the stage for what could be one of the most exciting periods in the history of the franchise. Industry insiders including the folks at Daily Variety are predicting an opening weekend between 70-100 million dollars. Please do your part and see the film this weekend, and bring as many friends as possible. I got to see it a second time at the IMAX last night and highly recommend seeing it in this format. I will be seeing it a third time before the end of the weekend too. I'll be back with my in depth review next week. In the meantime do yourself a favor and go see Star Trek -- the best reviewed film of the year!

Star Trek invades Toys R Us...

Last weekend Toys R Us put up their new Star Trek section at the front of all their stores. They have been running a great sale on most of the Playmates toys and accessories. The sale ends today so if you still haven't picked up the new toys you still have a chance to get them at the best possible price.

The "Star Trek boutique" at Toys R Us will be up all summer long with new merchandise coming in over the entire run of the film including some exclusives like the Nero, Pike, and Sulu 12 inch figures. The store is not just concentrating its efforts on the Playmates line, you'll also find a wide variety of items such as bobble heads from Funco, model kits, comic books and magazines (even the Star Trek Manga trade paperbacks), die cast ships from Hot Wheels, board games from Mattel, radio controlled ships from Tyco RC, DVDs from CBS Home Entertainment, and even the higher end figures and ships from DST/Art Asylum.


  1. Thanks for the detail review. I am still waiting to find time to get down to retail to grab some star trek figures.

  2. Great post man, I wish our theaters were giving stuff away and had sweet displays :)

    Ours had the poster they were giving away on the 8th, I went on the 7th and when I returned on the morning of 8th for my second viewing they said they were only giving them away at the evening showing...


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