Thursday, May 14, 2009

Star Trek profiled in latest issue of Make-up Artist...

The new issue of Make-Up Artist Magazine has a very informative, in-depth article on the creatures created for the new Star Trek film by prosthetic designer Barney Burman, and his team at Proteus FX. The article gives us a detailed look at the design process and the reason behind some of the choices made for the new look of such Trek classic species as the Romulans and Klingons. The later got cut out of the film but the article tells us more about how they were utilized in the new film before the scenes got cut.

We also get some more info regarding the events that lead to Nero's ear damage and scarring, as well as details on how the make-up team was able to design and apply the prosthetics and tatoos for the new lead villain and his crew.

Burman started out as a make-up effects lab technician in his father's shop during production of Star Trek 3. He also played an alien creature in the film during a scene taking place at a bar, but the scene was cut from the finished film. Years later he also did some uncredited work at the make-up shop for Star Trek 6.

Burman and his team also created a "Salt Sucker" alien for the new film as an homage to the M-113 creature from "The Man Trap". The creature was part of a scene that got cut from the film, but fortunately a picture of the creature has now surfaced courtesy of Barney Burman himself.

Issue 78 of Make-Up Artist Magazine is on newsstands now.

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