Saturday, June 13, 2009

Keenser is coming!!!

The folks at Playmates have listened to our pleas and have just announced the release of a Keenser action figure as part of wave 2 of their Star Trek galaxy collection. Playmates also announced more figures for each of their current lines including Bones and Chekov in starfleet duty uniforms (both for the galaxy and warp collections), Kirk in space jump suit (both for galaxy and warp collection), Ayel (galaxy collection), Sarek, (galaxy collection), Sulu in space jump suit (galaxy collection), Kirk in off duty uniform (black outfit -- galaxy collection), Spock in academy instructor uniform (galaxy and warp collection), and the Pollarilla and the ice lobster monster (both galaxy collection).

The 12 inch line will also continue in July with the previously announced Nero figure and the Toys R Us exclusive Sulu and Pike figures. Scotty and Uhura will also join the 12 inch line up.

The only new accessory for this wave will be the previously announced Starfleet utility belt with interactive phaser and communicator. This is great news since Playmates support of the line means sales must be strong and the chances seem good for that previously rumored third wave for the spring of 2010.


  1. I saw this on as well, I am excited about this wave, looks like some great stuff!

    That utility belt reminds me of when I was a kid : )

  2. Great Keener action figure! It was about time i get my eyes on that one,I never got a chance to see this wave... i hope this means better luck for me this year, perhaps something new in my Viagra catalog


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