Saturday, June 6, 2009

Star Trek, Inc.

Back in December of 2002 during the week of Star Trek Nemesis' theatrical release Time magazine ran a two page article looking into the financial viability of the Star Trek franchise at that moment as well as looking back at all the profits it had generated for Paramount Pictures.
The article took a detailed look at the state of affairs within the Star Trek Universe at the moment and even went as far as saying that Nemesis featured one of the most riveting space battles ever -- which would surely bring out the trekkies in full force to theaters.

By now we all now they didn't get that one right, but what they did hit right on the nail is the viability and long life of the franchise which seven years after that article was printed we are fully witnessing with the release of the new Trek film, which so far has had a global box office take close to 330 million dollars in only one month of release.

Here's a scan of the complete article which also includes box office numbers for the first nine feature films adjusted for inflation by 2002 standards.

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