Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Star Trek Toyfare Covers...

As a toy collector I have been reading Toyfare magazine since its debut in the mid 90's.
To me it has always been upsetting how little Star Trek coverage the magazine has given us over the years. The amount of Trek covers can be counted in one hand. It annoys me that the same magazine has about a million and one Star Wars or superhero covers. Unfortunately that's just how it goes in this twisted world we live in. Here's a look at my 3 favorite Star Trek covers as well as some info on what you can find inside these issues.

Issue 11: July 1998

The cover of this issue features the latinum edition Seven of Nine figure. Inside is a bonus foldout poster with the same image. We also get a pretty cool column written by Playmates Toys' Star Trek product manager Chris Overly. His column gives us a cool look at what it's like to work on the popular Trek toy line.

Issue 17: January 1999

I really love this cover as I was really surprised to find the ST: Insurrection 9 inch line featured on the magazine's cover since the 9 inch figures were never great in sales. The Insurrection line tanked at retail ringing in the end of Playmates 90's Star Trek run. Inside you will find no Star Trek coverage whatsoever other than a brief mention on the Insurrection line as part of the Toyfare Holiday shopping guide.

Issue 141: May 2009

A great cover featuring the amazing 12 inch Spock and Kirk figures from the 2009 movie line. Inside we get a two page spread on the rest of the new line with quotes from Playmates' Senior director of marketing Pat Linden.

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  1. I wish PLaymate would realise that dollies are for girls and that actual action figures,like the ones of TNG in the 90s, would sell. Most males dont want dollies im sure


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