Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Star Trek toys popping up at retail a week early

Thanks to our friend CB over at the eclectorama and to a lot of the guys at the TNI boards we are getting reports that the new Playmates toys for Star Trek are showing up at various stores already -- more than a week before their official street date. So far the 3 3/4 and 6 inch figures have been spotted at various Toys R Us and Walmart locations. The Bridge playset, transporter playset, and Starship Enterprise have also been spotted. No sigthings yet for any of the role play toys.

Some of the 12 inch figures have also been found at Toys R Us. If you have found any of these items in your area please let us know. I'm pretty sure they will continue popping up throughout the week as we get closer to the April 18 street date.


  1. No luck here so far, how did you do?

  2. Nothing today.I'm planning on checking a couple more stores on Monday.

  3. Arrrrrghhhh! I've only found the Enterprise so far!

    I'll shoot some pics tonight and try to post.

    I can't wait to walk into a store and see a whole Star Trek section!

  4. Nothing here today either. I was surprised to find Terminator Salvation toys on the shelves already. Those are also from Playmates and are supposed to be released later next month.
    I shall try and continue the search at some point tomorrow.

  5. I snapped a quick pic at my blog, I ended up finding a store that had some stuff, I picked up the 12" Spock, the 6" Spock, and 3.75" Nero, plus the Enterprise I mentioned earlier.

    It was a TRU that had the figures, they had a small section next to some Terminator toys, were they kept the Diamond Select stuff, they had most of the 6", three of the 3.75", the playsets, the communicator, and about 6 of the 12" figures (only Spock, older Spock, Mc Coy, and Kirk)

  6. My Target today had a few of the 6 inch figures (One older Spock, one Nero, one Sulu, and one Scotty). The pegs were the 3.75 figures and the role play toys where had been ransacked only the item name and price label was left. They were all out. Checked two more Toys R Us stores and nothing yet.


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