Monday, April 13, 2009

Starlog's Star Trek covers

As we continue our series of tributes to the greatest magazine ever published I wanted to take a look back at my favorite "Star Trek" covers from Starlog Magazine's 33 year history.

Starlog has been the source for up to the minute info on "Star Trek" since day one. Back in the days when no one was sure whether we'd get a Star Trek feature film or a new television series Starlog was there keeping us up to date. When the time came for Paramount to launch "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Starlog brought us continuous updates on the show's early development with a series of columns written by show insiders David Gerrold and D.C. Fontana. Starlog was even the first to report about Denise Crosby's exit from TNG, and they always gave us a truckload of interviews and exclusive articles on the making of all the films and Trek spin- offs, as well as Trek related events such as the early conventions, the 20th anniversary show, and the Sea Trek cruise.

Let us now go back through time as I share with you some of my favorite Starlog covers featuring "Star Trek"...

Starlog 1: Star Trek: The Original Series.

Starlog 30: Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Starlog 42: Mark Lenard.

Starlog 112: Star Trek: 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Starlog 135: Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Starlog 144: Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier.

Starlog 171: Brent Spiner (TNG).

Starlog 175: Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country.

Starlog's: Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special.

Starlog 291: Star Trek: 35th Anniversary / Enterprise.

Starlog 349: Star Trek: 40th Anniversary Celebration.

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